Pleasure makes life a celebration
It begins with perception and seeing, then comes touching and understanding. The enjoyment of chocolate begins with anticipation. After the rustle of unpacking, the crackling of the chocolate, and followed by the incomparable scent, the pleasure finds its completion on the palate.
For small moments of great joy.
We work together with great artists and designers to offer you this pleasure touching all your senses.

An anecdote: It all started during a party celebrating the birthday of the Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch.

In attendance were Nitsch and his wife Rita as well as the chocolatier Johann Georg Hochleitner and his wife Eliana, an Italian native. As the artist’s wife has a love for things Italian, and shares with her husband a fondness for implementation, the discussion turned to contemporary art, a field in which Italy plays an important role. Welcome to the birth of The Taste of Art!

The discussion lasted into the night – a good white wine provided additional inspiration. At some point it was decided that at the celebration of the artist’s 70th birthday at the Naples museum bearing his name, a very special surprise, one uniquely tied to the region, would be on offer: the first worldwide buffalo milk chocolate. Moreover, on the labels would be the artwork of Nitsch. This scintillatingly combined work of art would both be tribute to Naples and to Campania, one of the oldest cultivated landscapes in Europe

The Neapolitan premiere of buffalo milk chocolate was received with great enthusiasm. For HM-Chocolate, this was the beginning of a novel and exciting product line: The Taste of Art.

We continue to offer this interplay between the spirit of chocolate and contemporary art, but only in limited-edition runs. It’s about being in the right place, at the right time…