We want our own high-quality creations to succeed as strong international brands and tell the world the extraordinary stories around each brand.

Sense of the good, the beautiful and the true

Discover the unique world of taste at joseph & george, where hand-picked ingredients from a wide variety of countries melt into very special recipes and melt in your mouth. Pioneering deeds of creation - sustainably grown, gently refined, fairly traded. As an Austrian family business with sweet roots and crazy ideas in our heads, we love developing new culinary creations around the globe and connecting people through the sense of taste. Indulgence and culture combined at their best: joseph & george. The Art of Taste.


We want to share our success and promote education, including education of the heart - the key to an independent life and to saving our planet. We want to sustainably support those people who do not have access to knowledge, school and education on this earth.


High-quality raw materials, traditional local refinement, detailed production with a focus on the time factor, concentrated know-how and a lot of creativity in recipe design, as well as professional branding with a strong story result in the fine joseph & george symbiosis.

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