Camel milk powder is one of the most expensive raw materials for chocolate. Camel milk is also tolerated by people with milk allergies, Al Nassma has created exclusive chocolate compositions from this exceptionally high-quality base.
Chocolate compositions from this exceptionally high-quality base. From whole milk to the whole nut edition, to fine dark ensembles, there is something for every refined palate.

Al Nassma is the first and most exclusive camel milk chocolate. This exceptional brand represents the select taste of the Arab world at a very high level. For the well-travelled, it is a delightful reminder of Arabia; for all others, Al Nassma with its select ingredients and Arabic variations is an ambassador of exquisite taste and the ideal gift as an expression of special appreciation.

What does camel milk chocolate taste like?

Camel milk has a slightly mineral/salty flavour and, due to its low-fat content, offers a very distinctive texture that is extremely smooth and milky in character. The taste lingers pleasantly in the back of the palate for a long time.

Al Nassma is the first pioneering cross-cultural activity for joseph & george. It leads to Dubai. Three thousand camels live under the best conditions on a highly modern farm. A camel produces six to eight litres of valuable milk per day. One kilogram of camel milk powder is obtained from ten litres of milk. Immediately after milking, the milk is passed underground to exclude germ contamination and is extremely gently refined into milk powder by freeze-drying. This preserves numerous vitamins and minerals.

Incidentally, camel milk ranks on a par with mother’s milk on the health scale and has a well-founded reputation for great healing power. In Arab men’s world, it is traded as an aphrodisiac. But above all, the complexity of producing camel milk powder is astonishing. It goes without saying that Al Nassma is one of the exclusive brands in the world of chocolate.

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