Ruben’s Original Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey is made from the finest Swiss lactose-free chocolate and poured in the traditional shape of the classic American turkey.

It is designed as a hollow body filled with an additional sweet surprise.

Ruben’s Original Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey is the ultimate Thanksgiving chocolate product, based on the classic American Thanksgiving tradition, using the highest quality standards for chocolate, as well as an original design and presented in a super premium packaging.

Over the last 100 years, Switzerland has earned a reputation for the most innovative methods of chocolate production, and the Swiss method has been developed and improved over the decades. Today it is synonymous with chocolate quality, and its time-honored ingredients have been adapted to meet today’s requirements.

Raw cocoa beans and Mexican vanilla beans for Ruben’s chocolate come from cooperatives in Mexico and are subject to a special fermentation process that has been developed in recent years.

Through a classically refined Swiss manufacturing process, Ruben’s chocolate receives an extraordinary quality and a unique taste result. Try it yourself!

Net weight: 515 g (475 g chocolate turkey / 40 g chocolate-coated marshmallows)

Size of the package: 17.2 x 17.8 x 20.8 centimeters